Preparedness is the best defence against a recall, and being prepared starts with critical information.

That’s why Stericycle Expert Solutions has developed our quarterly European Recall and Notification Index: to provide key insights into the recall landscape and where trends are heading. We’ve analysed recall incidents across multiple industries to capture a comprehensive view of recall trends in Europe.

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The Compilation of the European Recall & Notification Index

The European Recall and Notification Index gathers and tracks cumulative data from the primary European agencies that track recall notifications in the region. This data is segmented into multiple definitions of notifications and alerts, but collated into a central figure for the purpose of analysis.

Key Statistics

airbag q42018


Airbags and brakes tied as the top cause for passenger vehicle recalls and notifications.

toys q42018

Consumer Goods

At 38.8%, toys were the top category for
recalls and notifications.

turkey q42018

Food and Beverage

Turkey was the top country of origin for food recalls and notifications.