Standard liability policies have recall endorsements—but can give a false sense of security. Recalls involve multiple phases and processes. To learn more about the universally applicable broad components of recalls including:

• How to quickly locate and remove a recalled product

• Test your recall procedures with mock recalls

• Determine dangerous vs. defective recall products


Download, 5 Keys to Effective Recall Preparation, and understand how to make careful risk assessments and shop wisely for appropriate recall coverage.

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS is a true business partner — an on-call extension of each customer’s team with a staff standing ready to guide companies through the recall, retrieval, return, and audit processes. Our team, provides the most comprehensive range of reputation management services across the globe. This comprehensive suite of highly focused services provides global and local expertise before, during, and after a recall threat. Stericycle has the right resources in the right locations to manage any recall challenges with speed and accuracy. Learn more now.



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